A look inside Ben & Jerry’s ‘Flavor Graveyard’ where ice creams are laid to rest

A look inside Ben & Jerry’s ‘Flavor Graveyard’ where ice creams are laid to rest

If you love your ice cream that much you can actually visit the resting place of many ‘de-pinted’ flavours

There is something quite distinctly upsetting when one of your favourite snacks is discontinued and you find yourself wondering what on earth you can sink your teeth into now.

Well, for fans of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavours that have bitten the dust, you actually have the opportunity to pay your respects, graveside.

No need to adjust your glasses, you read that right, there is indeed an actual ‘Flavor Graveyard’ where discontinued Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavours are laid to rest.

We’re talking about a physical graveyard full of granite headstones where little anecdotes remember the flavours of the past. Crazy, we know.

It’s a place where diehard fans can honour their dearly de-pinted and reminisce about bygone flavours.

Nicola Simmons, from Ben & Jerry’s explained the origins of the graveyard, saying: “The Flavour Graveyard started out online, when we first began a website roughly 30 years ago!

“It was a fun tie-in for Halloween and allowed us to combine fans’ love for their flavours gone by along with the spooky holiday.

“Years after the virtual effort, in 1997 we repeated the graveyard in a 3D fashion at our Waterbury Plant where fans can visit, lament, and celebrate their long, lost favourites.”